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Dawn Magagnotti

The Mihajlovich Group of Rossi and Taylor Realty Group

From roots to relationships and plants to people, I have a passion for making things grow. Whether I’m tending my garden or showing a home, I thrive when I can work with diligence and integrity until new life blooms. Sometimes those blooms are petals and other times they are people who are building the life they’ve always wanted in their dream home.

For the past five years, I have dedicated my career to guiding prospective homebuyers and sellers to make positive real estate decisions. Often working with busy professionals, young couples, and relocating families, I understand that moving, homebuying, and everything that comes with it can be stressful.

I want you to feel the excitement of buying of selling a home without the stress, which is why I’m here. As a seasoned real estate agent, I will leverage my expertise and team to manage complex tasks – from negotiations to lending to title work. You relax and think about you’ll use this changing moment to bloom.

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