Aug. 21, 2022

  • “What kind of Deed is Best?” in studio is the premier Real Estate Attorney, both IL and IN and both Residential and Commercial, yes, Vincent Auricchio!
  • “What happens after your offer is Accepted” “What’s the Loan Process like?” in studio is the award winning Mortgage Loan Consultant from the Loan Depot, yes, Pat Cannone!
  • Why Zillow zestimates aren’t always correct” On the show is the Premier Broker/Owners of Corona Realty, yes, Alex Corona and Jaime Birks!
  • “Retirement Accounts” How well do you know your 401K? In studio is the premier Financial Coach, the President of Legacy Wealth, yes, Liz Todorvich!
  • Lifestyles segment of the show, “The Weight Loss program that Works! In studio is the Owner and Family Nurse Practioner from SkyRose Rejuvination Clinic and Spa, yes, Chakika Williams!