August 20, 2017

Do you live in Lake County and did your tax bill blue form come in? Is it higher than what you expected? Ouch!! What can you do, if anything! In studio, to give us our options on this, is the premier Realtor from the north shore, yes, that’s Jacquie Lewis, Coldwell Banker, Highland Park.

Do you own more than you owe on your house? And you really need a bigger house,… Can you really buy another house?  Also, you don’t have much money for a down payment on a house, do you know what your options are? In studio once again the mortgage expert, yes that’s Chuck Poulin, branch manager at Inlanta Mortgage!

Appraisal issues? You are having problems with Appraisers calling for a lot of un-necessary repairs? Well, me Randy Barcella, I’ll go over all the details here and share with you the Myths vs Reality on appraisal repairs!