August 28, 2016

There’s delays in your mortgage approval and your closing is being delayed Why? Yes, there are issues that come up and cause delays in the loan process. But, you can avoid them, if you know up front what to look for and avoid! Yes, once again, in studio, is the Manager of Eagle Home Mortgage, Chuck Poulin!
“For Sale By Owner or Not to For Sale By Owner?” That is the question! To reveal the Myths vs Reality her is one of Lake County’s Premier Realtors, Frances Simons! Does your current insurance policies reflect your Current AND FUTURE situation? Does your liability coverage match up with your current and potential income, net worth ,…does your back up of sewer and drain coverage match up with your basement? …Is the coverage on your home too much or too low? Do you have the discounts you deserve on your policies? Yeah, all great questions! In studio to shed some light on this is State Farm’s Select Agent, Neal Gallo! Do you know what happens after a Sheriff’s Sale? Chicagoland’s Premier Real Estate Attorneys, Erica Crohn Minchella!