December 06, 2020

  • “Knowledge is Power on the Path to Home Ownership” and How to Prepare!” and in studio is the Premier Realtor from Chicago Properties, Yes, Sandra Wright!
  • “12 things to know when buying a home this Christmas or New Year, or well, anytime of year” and to share with us his valuable check list it the Mortgage Loan Consultant Expert, yes, Pat Cannone, from the Loan Depot
  • The “Emotional Lane” of a Realtor with a Buyer and Seller! And in studio to share with us valuable stories, is the Premier Broker and Real Estate Expert, yes, Paulan Avenaim, from @properties!
  • Preparing for uncertainty in the commercial lending process! And to share with the secrets not often shared, is the President and Owner of Commercial LendingX, yes, Brad Hettic!