December 10, 2017

What happened this year 2017 in the mortgage industry? and do you know what to expect in 2018?  In studio is the premier mortgage expert, yes, that’s Chuck Poulin, the branch manager of Inlanta Mortgage! to share with the forecast!

 Do you know when it’s a good time to start looking for a new home, when your rental lease is not up yet? Wow! Great questions!  In studio is “Realtor of the Year from NW Indiana, yes, that’s Kim Odegard from Keller Williams!

 Do you know how to hold title in an LLC? and did you hear about the new legislation about LLCs?  In studio is the Premier Real Estate Attorney, yes, that’s Elina Golod!

 Do you know how to get ready for the Appraisal of you r home? Randy Barcella goes over the helpful checklist!