December 20, 2015

State Farm’s Select Agent Neal Gallo, to share with us more of what we need to know about Long Term Care! Are you holding on tight to your money in retirement? – Are you going to? Do you have any plan at all to handle long term care costs as you look forward? “What are the Red Flags that should make a buyer or seller consider walking away from a deal?” and do you know how to identify them? Wow! Great topic and information! Chicagoland’s Top Real Estate Attorney, Erica Crohn Mincella! Do you know what are the tell tail signs of what to be aware of as a buyer? Why should I worry about it? Ken Bruderlee, Real Estate Revealed’s expert Managing Broker of Superior Homes Realty is going to make a list of what a buyer should be aware of long before making an offer to purchase and what seller’s should be aware of before putting the property on the market!