Do You Know What You Don’t Know?

Questions to ask when interviewing brokers to sell your home.
It’s much more than, “What is your commission rate?” Yes, in studio, shattering expectations in Lake County is Frances Simons, Broker from Baird & Warner!
You are buying in a High Rise Condo. Do you know what the Pros and Cons are when Buying  in a High Rise Condo? In studio to shed reveal the myths vs reality of High Rise Condo Ling, is one of Chicagoland’s Premier Real Estate Attorneys, yes, that’s Elina Golod!
Do you know how to negotiate Inspection Items? Do you know What to expect? Do you know What you can and can’t ask for,… AND, Do you know  When to jump ship and cancel the contract? Ahh Yes, in studio to let us in on these valuable Tips, is one of Chicagolands’s Premier Realtors, John Simons, from Baird & Warner! 
Are you still having issues with Appraisals and Appraisers calling for repairs that really aren’t necessary?  Me, Randy Barcella, I’ll go over the myths vs reality when it comes to Appraisals and Repairs and Values!