February 23, 2020

Owner Occupied Commercial Property Financing – options to finance 90% and on occasion 100% of cost. Wow! Great program! and in studio to tell us all about this, is the premier Commercial Lender, yes Brad Hettich

Homes for Heroes Program! What is it and how can I benefit from it? In studio is the Premier Realtor from the #1 Team at @properties, is Jeanne Keating!

How the housing market benefits from uncertainty in the world? Wow! I’d love to hear about this on! And in studio is the premier Realtor from Colwell Banker, yes, Sean Purcell!

Why Title Insurance is a “necessary evil” (meaning important) and the ways an attorney title agent can assist in protecting buyers and sellers in the title process. In studio to share with us his expertise, is the premier Commercial Real Estate Attorney, yes, that’s Vince Auricchio!