February 24, 2019

So you fixed up your home and it’s amazing!, almost too amazing, that the Appraiser can’t see it, as there are no comparable sales that show anything like it! What do you do? In studio is the premier Residential Specialist from dreamtown realty, yes, that’s Diana Bzdyk!

The biggest misconception in mortgage lending is: “how eligibility for a mortgage is determined and it’s Not based on the sales price”! In studio to educate us, is the Mortgage Expert himself, Yes, that’s Zach Schwartz, from Townstone Financial!

What got Dotty Dose in to the Home Inspection business? In studio to share with us her story id Dotty Dose, the President of Echo Home Inspections!

Do you know the “6 Unbreakable Do’s and Don’ts” for selling your home? In studio is the Premier Chicago Realtor, yes, Meldina Dervisevic, the Broker Owner of Investments Meldina Realty will let us know!!