February 3, 2019

There’s a new Real Estate Sales contract out, called 7.0! Are you familiar with it and all the changes? In studio is the premier Real Estate Attorney, yes, Michael Barrett!

It does not make sense to wait until Spring to sell your house and to tell us why, is the premier Realtor from Keller Williams Success Realty, yes, that’s Stephanie Boswell!

Winter is not over yet! What you need to do to keep your home and buyers safe! Especially when the house is unoccupied! In studio is the Residential Specialist herself, yes, that’s Diana Bzdyk, from dreamtowne realty!

Do you know about Seller and Lender credits? What are they and How can they be used to purchase and refinance a home ? In studio is the Mortgage Expert himself for so many years, Yes, Barry Sturner, the Owner of Townstone Financial!