Jan. 15, 2023

  • “What is Earnest Money?” an on the show to educate us is the premier Real Estate Attorney, IL and IN and both Residential and Commercial, yes, Vince Aurichhio!
  • The importance of brining in all of your paperwork when getting a property” on the show is the premier Broker/Owners of Corona Realty, yes, Alex Corona and Jaime Birks!
  • “Does a Reverse Mortgage Make Sense?” We’ll find out! In studio is the award winning Mortgage Consultant from the loanDepot, yes Pat Cannone!
  • “How a Local Broker’s service is important for both the listing and the sale of the waterfront properties in the Chain O Lakes Region? In studio id the Premier Realtor from the Chain O Lakes areas, yes, Marilyn Durante, Lakes Realty Group!