January 22, 2017

Do you know the Truths vs Myths about Mold? In studio to give us the Truth about Mold, is Chicagoland’s Premier Home Inspector, Will Decker, from Decker Homes Services!

Do you know what to do when: “All is not well at the walk-through?” and “There’s a problem with the Closing Disclosure?” In studio to educate us, is one of the Premier Realtors from Lake County, Frances Simons, from Baird & Warner!

Do you know the Pros and Cons of Holding Title to Investment Properties?: LLC vs a Corporation? Wow! one of Chicagoland’s Top Real Estate Attorneys, Yes! that’s Elina Golid!

Do you know the “3 New Years Resolutions for Buying an home? to share with us her proven strategies, is the Premier Realtor from the southern suburbs, Nicole Meding, from Baird & Warner!