January 6, 2019

Everyone always talks about going to the gym to get healthier for the new year. What about getting Financially Healthier? In studio with some valuable tips about getting financially healthy, is the Premier Loan Officer from Townstone Financial, yes, that’s Zach Schwartz! Thousands of homes sold in 2018, however, yours did not sell. Why? Well, in studio to shed some light on this do you Can sell your home now in 2019, is premier Realtor from Lake County, yes, that’s James Tiernan, from Keller Williams North Shore West! Realtor to the Rescue! Did you know that having a Realtor in your sales transaction Saves the sales transactions? Yes, in studio is the premier Real Estate Attorney, that’s the passionate Michael Barrett! Do you still think that FHA calls for repairs? I’m still getting calls on this! Me, Randy Barcella, I’ll dispel the myths vs reality about appraisals and repairs!