July 1, 2018

-Sizing and Staging. Do you know how to ensure that the furniture that you are buying will fit into your home? In studio is the President of the New Divine Consign in North Riverside, yes, that’s Kellie Scott!

-Homes for Heroes program. Ever hear about it and do you know how this program can help you in home purchase and sale? In studio to tell us all about Homes for Heroes, is the premier Realtor from Re/Max Action in Lisle, Stephanie Herbert!

-Appraisal Myths vs Reality! Yes, me, Randy Barcella will dispel all the myths vs reality when it comes to Appraisals!

-Also, ICAP, IL Coalition of Appraisal Professionals, has their big annual event in Lisle this summer and I’m going to let you know who the all star lineup will be including!