August 5, 2018

– “Are you “overpaying” for your Insurance? and How can you tell? In studio is the premier Insurance Agency owner, yes, that’s Kevin Boggs with Goosehead Insurance!

– ‎”Do you know the various prorations that are important in a real estate closing?” In studio is the premier Real Estate Attorney from Chicago, yes that’s Elina Golod!

– ‎”Are you” worried about selling your home, but fear of being homeless, because you don’t have a place to go to? In studio is one of Lake County’s Best, yes, that’s James Tiernan from Re/Max Center!

– “Do you know‎ how to Close your Loan Quickly?” In studio is our Mortgage Expert, the Senior Vice President of Be Mortgage, yes, that’s Tim Brigham!

– “Are you” stuck with Junk in your basement or garage or in your house?” and don’t know what to do or who to call? In studio is the Premier Expert in removing all your junk, yes, that’s Corey Heidkamp, with Junk Remedy!