July 5 Show Preview

This Saturday, July 5th on Real Estate Revealed:

How much do you really know about your Home Owners Insurance?

Do you think that flood damage is covered? Do you think that medical expenses are covered in case of injury? Do you think that your premium goes up every time a claim is filed? Do you think that All valuables are covered? including jewelry and furs? Can you buy a house without buying home insurance?

Allstate’s Best, Christine Tozcek is in the studio, to peel back the layers, draw aside the curtains, open the doors and Revel the Truth, exposing those Myths vs Realities!

Also, Do you know what’s really going on in the Chicago markets? Is there a rise in single family or condo markets? Is it a Seller’s or Buyer’s market? Should homeowners make repairs before selling? Is it a good idea to “for sale by owner?”. Is consumer confidence up?

Coldwell Banker’s Finest, Karla Mina, from the Nudo Team, is in studio to Reveal the Myths vs Realities here!

You don’t want to miss this one! Real Estate Revealed, Saturday, 6pm on AM 560 The Answer.