June 30, 2019

In this buyer’s market we need to know Who your Buyer is and How do I Appeal to them?” In studio, to share with us her smart advice, is the Premier Residential Specialist from dreamtown realty, yes, that’s Diana Bzdyk!

– Obtaining a Loan Commitment, instead of just a pre-approval will make you a more competitive Buyer. How? In studio is the premier mortgage, the Senior Vice President of Guaranteed Rate, yes, that’s Larry Steinway!
– How can a Seller can spot an Agent who is trying to “buy their listing”. Wow! Great topic! In studio is the premier realtor from Coldwell Banker, yes, Sean Purcell!

– You were selling your house FHA, but there’s too many repairs, so just flip it to a Conventional, “as-is” with no repairs now? Really? Can you really go ‘as is” just because it’s conventional? Me, Randy Barcella, will dispel the myths vs reality here!