July 2, 2017

You just closed on your purchase. Is that it? You’re done! Just enjoy living the dream in your new home 🙂 But Wait, Chicagoland’s Top Real Estate Attorney, Elina Golod, Says “Hold Your Horses!” There’s still work to do! 🙂 Ok, I can’t wait to hear Elina Golod’s Safety Check List!

Why Is Your Home Not Selling: Selling a house means getting ready for the dance and could involve doing work. Selling a house might entail investing money. To share with us her time proven tips on How to be Best in Class is The Premier Real Estate Broker from the North Shore! Yes, that’s Jacquie Lewis from Coldwell Banker, Highland Park!

And then more appraisal tips from me, Randy Barcella about the Urban Myths about FHA, VA and Conventional Appraisals and repairs!