June 7, 2015

TRUE or FALSE? FHA Loans allows you to buy with 3.5% down and at times 1% down? FHA doesn’t require a SS #? FHA allows 100% gift funds? FHA has many loan products? FHA insures all property types? FHA has flexible credit standards? FHA offers construction loans? FHA loans are assumable?
— Nicole Lambros, Branch Manager of Academy Mortgage will reveals all the Myths vs Reality on FHA Loans!
What’s the Truth on Buying Foreclosures? Is it all Advantages when buying a foreclosure? Should you get a home inspection before buying? Does the bank provide “disclosures”? What are the Pitfalls on buying a foreclosure?
— Cindy Alderson, Realtor from Classic Realty reveals the Myths vs Reality on buying foreclosures!