May 22, 2022

  • “The 5% Rule” What’s that? In studio is the premier Realtor from Compass in Hinsdale, yes, Ann Pancotto!
  • “Turning your bathroom into a Luxury Spa” and to share with all how, is the President of Design & Renovations, Davis Cesario!
  • “Turning Renters into Landlords!” and in studio to show us how are the Broker/Owners of Corona Realty, yes Alex Corona and Jaime Birks!
  • “Do “as-is” contracts put buyers at a disadvantage?” To educate as he always does, is the premier Real Estate Attorney, both residential and commercial and he covers both IL and IN, yes, Vince Auricchio!
  • “Is it all Guidelines or does the Commercial Lending World leave room for creativity” and in studio to share with us these valuable tips is the President and CEO of Commercial LendingX, yes, Brad Hettich!