Nov. 13, 2022

  • “The Three Factors that are Good News for Homebuyers” In studio is Premier Realtor from Jameson Sotheby’s Highland Park, yes, Paula Avenam!
  • “Can I sell a home that is in Probate?” and in studio is the Premier Real Estate Attorney, for Commercial and Residential, IL and IN, yes, Vincent Aurichho!
  • “The sky is Not falling in as media tries to say! “It’s all about Marketing your home and with Drones! In studio are the Premier Broker/Owners of Corona Real Estate, yes, Alex Corona and Jamie Birks!
  • “The medical use of Botox for the use in: treatments of Surgical Scars, TMJ pain, Erectile Dysfunction and More! In studio is Chakika Williams, Family Nurse Practioner and Owner of Sky Rose Rejuvination and Spa
  • And as we do every year, we support great charities, and in honor of Veterans Day, are the Lake County Honor Flight Vets!