Nov. 27, 2022

  • “What questions to ask a mortgage lender, when considering a home mortgage” and in studio is the premier Real Estate Attoeny, both residential and commercial and both IL and IN, yes, Vincent Auricchio!
  • “Safety First in Selling!” and Why it’s important to have a Realtor. On the show are the premier Broker/Owners of Corona Real Estate, yes, Alex Corona and Jaime Birks!
  • “5 Steps to avoid overspending for the holidays” and in studio is the premier Wealth Coach, Liz Todorvic, the Founder and owner of Legacy Wealth!
  • In the Holiday spirit and Charities, in studio is Susan Padilla, the CEO and Founder of R.O.C.O – Rescue Our Children Organization! to share with us all of the great and positive things that she is doing for the communities!