November 1, 2020

  • “The Cost of Waiting: Buying or Selling Now Can Make a Huge Difference” In studio is our Expert Realtor from NW Indiana, the Rossi & Taylor Group, Yes, Dawn Magagnotti!
  • It’s time to Bang the Drum AGAIN! Rates are Still near Historical Lows… If on the fence to purchase, have PMI, are swimming in credit card / student loan debt… you are being given a GOLDEN opportunity with today’s Low, Low Mortgage Rates! In studio is the premier mortgage loan consultant from the Loan Depot, yes, pat Cannone!
  • 3 Reasons why now is a great time to buy an investment property. In studio the premier Property Manager, from GC Realty and Development, yes, Mark Ainley!
  • 4 Slip-Ups that Cause House Fires ! and in studio to share with us his valuable checklist is the premier Certified Financial Planner from Country Financial, yes, Gary Bronner!