November 15, 2020

  • The Election is Over/ A Vaccine is on the Horizon for Covid and The Real Estate Market is Still BOOMING!!! And in studio Banging his Drum as he always does! Is the Premier Mortgage Consultant from the Loan Depot, yes, Pat Cannone!
  • “Is it Safe to Sell my Home Right Now? In studio to share with us her valuable insights, the premier Realtor from Chicago Properties, yes, Sandra Wright!
  • “Housing’s response to Biden’s potential victory.” and in studio to educate us on all of this cutting edge information is the Premier Real Estate Attorney, yes, Vince Auricchio!
  • What to do if your Bank wants out of your Commercial Loan? And in studio we have the President and Owner of Commercial Lending X Yes, Brad Hettich!
  • Staging your home can be the Key to success in selling and to share with her value listing tactics, is the Premier Realtor from NW Indiana, yes, Dawn Magagnotti!