Oct. 30, 2022

  • “Renovation Financing!” And in studio is the premier mortgage loan consultant from the Loan Depot, yes, Pat Cannone!
  • “How to invest in Real Estate with little or no money down!” and on the show are the Premier Broker/Owners of Corona Realty, yes, Alex Corona and Jaime Birks!
  • “Common Obstacles that Prevent you from Closing” and in studio is the Premier Real Estate Attorney, both IL and IN and both Residential and Commercial, yes Vincent Auricchio!
  • “The importance of Self Breast Exams”, in the spirit of October being “Breast Cancer Awareness month”, In studio is Chakika Williams, the Family Nurse Practioner and Owner of Sky Rose Rejuvination and Spa
  • In recognition of October being “Domestic Violence Awareness month, we have in studio, two survivors! Who will share with us their Courageous stories, in an effort to help inspire other woman that Yes! you Can get away from this evil and have a happy life” In studio is Yolanda Carter and Lisa White!