October 7, 2018

– The Lighter Side of real Estate! Yes, there is a lighter side  and What does it take to be a Realtor? Well, we will certainly hear some Fun and true stories from the oh so passionate Meldina Derveesivich, one of Chicago’s Best and She is the Broker/Owner of Investments Meldina Realty!

– Stigmatized Properties! Every hear of that and What does a Stigmatized Property really mean? Also, do you know how to get the Best Buy with the Least Amount of Money? In studio is one of Chicago Southlands Premier Realtors, from Orland Park, Yes, that’s Cindy Alderson, from Bridge International, the Alderson Group!

– More Appraisal Myths vs Reality by me, Randy Barcella! Do you still think that FHA calls for repairs? Can you go “As-Is” if it’s a Conventional deal?