September 27, 2015

Do you know what the 5 Steps are to Sell a Home,…that Did not Sell?  How many of you had your home for sale for a long time and it did not sell? Very Frustrating and Stressful, Right? Chris Hagn, Real Esate Revealed’s very own Expert Realtor Broker Owner is live in studio with his 5 Steps to Sell Now!  Ken Mrozek from ICAP, IL Coalition of Appraisal Professionals is live in studio with all latest in the Appraisal Profession. “Did you know that the Appraiser population is Declining? Is this good news or bad news? Did you know that there’s Data Breaches and Privacy issues when you are in business! Do you have Liability Insurance for yourself or your business! WOW, isn’t anything private any more?!  John Torvi, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Landy Insurance Company, to see how we can really have Privacy Protection!