April 16, 2017

Is it really important to document your income in the loan process? Did you know that since 2008, that a borrower must show an ability to pay back a mortgage loan, Regardless of their Equity or Asset position! Wow!, in studio to dispel the Myths vs Reality on this is Chicagoland’s Premier Mortgage Expert,… Yes, that’s Chuck Poulin, the Manager of Eagle Home Mortgage!

Do you know what to look for in a Realtor if you are buying or Selling a home? In studio, is the North Shore’s Premier Realtor,… Yes! That’s Jacquie Lewis, Premier Real Estate Broker from Coldwell Banker, Highland Park!

Do you really need a Survey when buying a house? In studio to revel the Myths vs Reality on this is one of Chicagoland’s Premier Real Estate Attorneys, .. Yes, Elina Golod!