April 23, 2017

Did you ever lend money to your brother, or sister or a friend? Did you get paid back? Are you still friends with them? Do you know your rights and how to protect yourself? In studio to revel the Myths vs Reality on this is one of Chicagoland’s Premier Real Estate Attorneys, .. Yes, Elina Golid!

What are the Roles of the Real Estate Agent? Do you really know what a Real Estate Agent is responsible to do for you? Great topic in studio to shed some light on this is one of Chicagoland’s premier Real Estate Brokdes, yes, that’s John Lyons from Baird & Warner, Chicago!

When is a good time to re-finance? Does the rate have to drop 1%? THere’s a lot of cliche statements out there! Do you really need 20% down to avoid PMI? In studio to dispel the Myths vs Reality on this is Chicagoland’s Premier Mortgage Expert,… Yes, that’s Chuck Poulin, the Manager of Eagle Home Mortgage!

Can you really sell your home “As-Is”? All the time and in all situations? Can you get a mortgage when selling your home “As-Is?” I, Randy Barcella, will shed some light on the Misconceptions and Urban Myths about selling your home “‘As-Is”