August 26, 2018

– “Commercial Leases, which is better for the landlord and which is better for the tenant?” In studio is the Commercial Lease Expert, yes, that’s Ashley Donat, the Managing Partner from Bridge International  LLC!

–  What to look for in a Real Estate Attorney! and What happens when making the mistake of picking the wrong one!  in the studio is Michael Barrett, the Premier Real Estate Attorney! and You have to participate in his Fun game: “Will the deal Close or No Close?”

– “Hilarious Real Estate Stories by our very own: the Premier Realtor from Chicago, Yes, that’s Meldina Dervisevic , broker/owner of Investment Meldina Realty Group!

– Surround yourself with a Great Team when you are entering the real estate market! Why? In studio is the Premier Realtor from Orland Park, yes, Cindy Alderson, Bridge International, the Alderson Team