September 2, 2018

– Can you really close your mortgage loan in only 2 weeks? 🙂 What?  In studio to share with us how he does it, is the Premier Mortgage Expert, the Senior Vice President of bemortgage, yes, that’s Tim Brigham!

– Home Buyer Vocabulary!  “Do you speak that language?” James Tiernan, the Premier Realtor from ReMax Center, one of Lakes Counties Best, will be our Teacher of Word Definitions and Meanings!

–  What to look for in a Real Estate Attorney! and What happens when making the mistake of picking the wrong one!  in the studio is Michael Barrett, the Premier Real Estate Attorney! and You have to participate in his Fun game: “Will the deal “Close or No Close?”

– I’m getting an FHA Appraisal, so I don’t need a Home Inspection done? Really? Randy Barcella dispels the Myths vs Reality here!