September 9, 2018

-Purchasing investment properties. Is it right for you? What  Position do you need to be in financially? Is it better to flip for Quick profit or buy and hold to build a sound portfolio?  Great topic! and to share with us her wealth of knowledge on this is the Premier Realtor from Bridge International, the Alderson Group, yes, Cindy Alderson!

-Veronica Saldaña Sullivan, Premier Realtor from the Alderson/Sullivan Group, Bridge International Veronica is also the Principal and Founder of Exclusive Properties & Investments, and Exclusive Events, LLC. As a supportive NFL wife Veronica is currently serving as Board of Directors of Off the Field Players Wives Association (OTF) Veronica also set out to establish an “exclusive” and boutique real estate corporation; catering to professional athletes, celebrities, professional executives, and portfolio investors

– David Terrell, former NFL receiver from the Chicago Bears, now involved with a lot of great real estate projects! From the Projects to a Successful Real Estate Investor!