September 16, 2018

– Scary, Not Scary and Happy! The TRUE moments in Real Estate that you have to hear! and to share with us this chilling stories is the Chicago Expert Realtor herself, Meldina Derveesivich, Broker/Owner of Investments Meldina Realty!
– Are you thinking about buying your first home? Do you know how to pick the Right Agent for You? Well, James Tiernan, one of Lake County’s Best Realtors, from ReMax Center, with share with us, the top 5 questions you need to ask!
– Down payment assistance! Do you really know what it is?, What the requirements are and How it can really help you? In studio is the Mortgage Expert!, Senior Vice President of BeMortgage, yes that’s Tim Brigham!, along with his right-hand expert in charge of Tim/s operations, yes, that’s Karoline Axler! “The Brigham Team”
– and in the 2nd half hour, “How to get ready for the appraisal of your home? Me, Randy Barcella will give you my easy to follow checklist!