September 23, 2018

– Did the Loan Close or Not Close? and Why? What to look for in a Real Estate Attorney, Part 3! by our Expert Real Estate Attorney, Yes, that’s Michael Barrett! to share with us, as he always does, some Exciting, but True Stories!

– When you are looking to buy a home and you see a sign out front of a house, saying “For Sale By Owner”. Good idea to go it alone? Well, in the studio to give us the Real Scoop is one of Chicago’s Best Realtors, yes, that’s the “oh so funny” and “passionate” Meldina Derveesivich, Broker/Owner of Investments Meldina Realty!

– Job Transfer! Do you know how to buy and sell, State to State? Great topic! In studio is the Expert Realtor from Orland Park, Cindy Alderson, from The Bridge International, the Alderson Group!