July 15, 2018

– The power of giving back to the community and what is accidently does to you professionally ! In studio is the Giver himself,  Yes that Tim Brigham, Branch Manager of the TNT Team, Waterstone Mortgage!

– Hire a Realtor who actually knows how to negotiate for you! In studio is one of the best negotiators, yes, that’s Stephanie Herbert, with Re/Max Action in Lisle!

– What are the top 5 things you need to know when hiring an Attorney?  In studio is The Premier Real Estate Attorney from Chicago, yes, that’s Elina Golod.

– Do you know how to create a functional and beautiful outdoor space? In studio is the expert herself, the Big Cheese from the New Divine Consign Mega Store, yes, that’s Kellie Scott!

– There’s a big difference in 20 years ago buying real estate and there will be another huge difference now and 10 years from now Meldina Derveesavich, the Top Chicago Realtor from Investments Medlina Realty Group is in studio with her Virtual Reality goggles head set to bring us into the future!