July 22, 2018

-Do you think that FHA calls for repairs and that there’s an FHA Inspector? Me, Randy Barcella, I will dispel all the myths vs reality here.

-Zillow! Accurate? or Not Accurate? in studio is one of Lake County’s Best, to give us the real scoop on Zillow! yes, that’s Jame Tiernan from Re/Max Center!

-Is your house Haunted or has Paranormal Activity? “Is this the New Stigma” in real estate sales today?” In studio to explain all of this is Meldina Derveesavich, the Top Chicago Realtor from Investments Medlina Realty Group!

-‎What features in a home are buyers looking for and do you have them in your home? In studio is the premier Realtor, from Re/Max Action in Lisle, yes, that’s Stephanie Herbert!!