November 18, 2018

– Scammers are conning Home Buyers out of their Down Payment, did you know that? and How are they doing that? In studio is on of Chicago’s Best Realtors, yes, that’s Melvina Dervesivic, Broker/Owner of Investments Medlina Realty!

– Are there positives or negatives of the parties being separated at the closing as they do out west. Wow! More Wild Wild West stories from one of the Best Real Estate Attorneys in all of northern IL, yes, that’s Michael Barret!

– “Realtor Safety” and In studio is one Lake County’s Best Realtors, yes, that’s James Tiernan, RE/MAX Center.

– Do you know how to sell your home quickly during the Holidays? In studio is the Premier Realtor from Orland Park, yes, that’s Cindy Alderson from Bridge International!