November 25, 2018

– “Start Packing!’ Isn’t that what you want to hear from your Realtor?! Learn how and what to do to sell your home Now and fore the most money! In studio is one of Illinois’s Premier Realtors, Yes, that’s Stephanie Boswell, from Keller Williams Success Realty!

– Household Safety is a prime concern of a home inspection.  Do you know the often ignored safety concerns in your house? To guide us through this, is the Premier Home Inspector from Illinois Building Inspections, yes! That’s Jerry Simon!
– Do you have Crummy Neighbors? How and what to do? In studio is one of the Best Real Estate Attorneys in all of northern IL, yes, that’s Michael Barret!

And then Special Guest, Kandice Henning from the Alive Center, the premier Teen Center in Naperville, where they help kids discover who they are, building stronger, more resilient kids!