October 15, 2017

Ok, It’s time to move – downsize, upsize, rightsize – wherever you’re going you have a million things to do. The last thing you need on your plate is selling your existing furniture. It’s time consuming, scary. This is where Divine Consign comes in. Divine Consign will respond right away, pick up your furniture quickly, market and sell it sell it for you and you get a check. Boom! In studio is the President and CEO of Divine Consign, Yes, that’s Kelli Scott!

Do you know how to buy Land? You want to build a home on it. Is it the same as buying a house? There’s really a lot to know and you don’t want to make any mistakes! In studio is one of the Premier Real Estate Attorneys, Yes, that’s Elina Golod

Can the Lender/Mortgage Company affect the Appraised Value of your home? Are all Appraisers the same? In studio to educate us again, is the Premier Moprtgage Expert, yes, that’s Chuck Poulin, The Branch Manager of Inlanta Mortgage!.

Also! It’s October and that’s “Domestic Violence Awareness Month! and As you look forward to us doing every year, we at Real Estate Revealed, support some of our favorite Charities, and In Studio this morning is Elsa Prado, from “Break The Silence Foundation!” I always have been confused and disturbed by “how can you hit a child or woman or man?” I can’t wait to hear what Elsa Prado has to say! She and her foundation are literally, saving and changing lives!