October 8, 2017

Cyber Security Breaches! Every few months, we hear these stories…and most recently the credit reporting agency was hacked and your personal information was compromised! In studio is the expert in this field, the Vice President of Marketing and Salas at the Landy Insurance Company, Yes, that’s John Torvi!

Mold issues in a home! Do you know how to find mold and what to do if you have it in your home? In studio is one of the Premier Home Inspectors, yes, that’s Tim James, from Pillar to Post Home Inspections, the Tim James Team!

Do you think you are are landlord material? There’s a lot to it! It’s not that easy! There’s local laws, screening tenants, maintenance inside and out, responsibilities and liabilities and more! In studio to educate us again is the Premier Realtor from Naperville and western suburbs, yes, that’s Scott Gerami, Re/Max Professionals Select.

FIRPTA – Foreign Investment iIn Real Property Tax Act – This is a situation when a seller is a foreign person or company. WOW! What a topic! In studio to educate us on this is one of the premier real estate attorneys, yes, that’s Elina Golod!